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Insight to Digital Marketing Via Social networking



The topic I’ve selected to share my views on “Self marketing Techniques” by celebrities all across the globe primarily by United States of America.

Weather the marketing is done by being more social on the Networking site by updating status of their, own presence or wellbeing. For another instance celebrities are well known for their instant replies on social networking sites ending up saving a life.


As the discussion was ignited by Patrick about the use of social media by celebrity for creating a persona about them, this platform of networking based on digital form of marketing, thus celebrities are using this as the top notch medium to get the limelight without coming out doors. Bursting into controversies by this means, this is another way of getting attention from the fans who all listed on the walls and follower pages on Facebook and tweeter.


The overview of this post is to get the refined view of marketing which is not direct within the fans but used as a tool to be in the front of the audience and fans.


“It’s not about blaming celebrities for using the media type but it’s the best preferred means used by them. This can be termed as ethical approach of marketing as well.

While understanding the fact of the use digital marketing interpretation is very important, choosing of correct words and phrases to make people understand correctly.


It has been observed in past that because of inappropriate text, celebrities have been obscurity.


In my views the way social networking is developing in the masses it can be ethical, but the rule book of marketing may deny this fact of marketing an identity digitally.


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