Digital marketing

Unitec Institute of technology,

Digital marketing not for eyes but straight in the mind……..

Each sunrise brings a new technological reform. Giants like Apple, Samsung and Google stunned by this new reform of advertising. Medium is not “old School” billboards, flyers or posters at train station or in buses. Digital Marketing took a new level from Facebook, tweeter, Google+, MySpace and YouTube. well this targets the audience who all are awake and interested in listening, using or watching to these site or billboards. But “the talking window” talk to those who are sleeping while traveling in the bus or train.

Advancement in the technologies changed the way of marketing upside down within the last decade. These advancement have not only helped the audience but also felt them annoyed when they don’t want. “the talking window” is  not widely implemented but got some disapproval from the traveler because they want to have nap while they travel.

New developments are necessary but they should be implemented keeping the ease and comfort of the audience. Unknowingly audience doesn’t want to get disturbed.

Gadgets for instance cell phones, application advertisement while using them uses finds it annoying. this small instance which at the personal level of usage is directly linked with this new way of digital marketing. Other than that different issues like “Marketing Stimulation”  which is developing new ideas of marketing. “technology is a given”……. “Not a debate”

New day brings a new era of marketing and widens the horizon of the different platform “Digital”, “Advertising”, and solely Marketing

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