Digital marketing

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The big war…….

Digital marketing is necessary in today’s world, gadgets have pushed the arena of digital market to new level. Selecting  the right platform and the correct medium to place the ads on the social sites.

The major player of digital marketing “Google AdWords” and “Facebook”, it’s always been an issue to decide where to publish ads how, when, where and why. Well, it’s been debated before as well. Different manner of calculating the response and scope of the advertisement. After deciding the site or the medium of advertising, the major key objective comes next i.e. Return on investment where marketer need to see the results of his decision. Just “Google” which means the scope of ad is very wide but unreliable because your add reflects when the other user really wants to see that. in other words when the user really looking for it. whereas on Facebook every now and then we see ads because of “Beacon”. Yeah!!! a software which keeps an eye on users click and pulls out the ads of what we are typing or clicking.

Smart enough

But AdWords again gives and edge of “keywords” to the marketer to find out best keywords to tag them with the advertisement. Again the confusion of selecting medium comes in terms of funds or the charges. Well, this comes under a system called “PPC” Pay per click.

The debate of selecting the medium is very hard and entirely depends on the marketer and the preposition of the advertisement of get published. The aggressiveness of the advertisement may help the market to select the digital marketing platform “to go social” or “be the part of search”. Another aspect which can help a marketer is a head to head comparision of the business needs.

Ads of Facebook covers the social media advertising well, thus the aspect of brand awareness is achieved whereas Google being the second most spoken work in the world generates interest by targeting the mass directly.

The verdict

Platforms of digital marketing are successful, upon the selection of the medium and the approach to achieve the set objectives for the business.




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