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Google Glass “Marketing”

A sunrise each day brings new technology with new horizon for the businesses and for their operational departments. These technologies opens new ways to interact with customers and to being the upfront through various ideas.

“Google” the second brain after computer opens door for the marketers to ease the job of feedback from customers. Various discussion shows results that this tool can help to gain more accurate feedback but the ability will be judged till the time “Google Glass” launches for the open market.

Glass presents a challenge for marketers: Consumers will expect marketers to deliver contextually relevant, useful experiences, but marketers have imperfect tools and systems for delivering that relevance. Google’s policies instruct developers not to “use users’ personal information for purposes beyond the limited and express purpose of your application … without getting specific opt-in consent from the user. Don’t sell, rent, or otherwise provide a user’s personal information to any third party without getting specific opt-in consent from the user.” In other words, the Web-based targeting technologies marketers rely on have no place on Glass.

but at the same time real feedback to analyse and generate results… Glass is an effective tool to gain the feedback and send the data to the connected server of the glass where this data is stored and converted into the real facts and figures which helps the businesses to take decision on instant basic which can be more reliable and well sustaining.

The good news is that because Glass apps are permission-based, if consumers invite you to engage with them on Glass, you’ll likely know who they are anyway — you probably have an existing relationship with them, and they trust you enough to invite you to engage with them on this intimate platform. Activities (such as being in a certain location at a certain time of day) will cue targeting, rather than cookie-based navigational history. These new schemes will coexist with industry initiatives already under way to measure and target across PC and mobile, using registration or personally identifiable information data as the matching key or using device data and inference to make good guesses.


Where these glasses are today

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