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The world of digital marketing primarily or solely stands on internet and the most know sites like Google, Facebook and YouTube. The objectives of these is to provide services as we all know but on the other these site have become a new platform for the businesses to showcase and advertise to the mass.

Adwords a small segment from Google allows the Business to open its horizon and get a mark in the market via set of keywords and clicks. Another example is Video ads on YouTube, the most annoying part once you click on them everything freezes. Being a student of Marketing I personally prefer to watch all the ads till the end. Yes!! I faced some consequences like after the ads finishes I closed my browser and started dwelling in the world where we think what exactly i was doing on YouTube.

Well that is me, Honestly almost most of the people in the world prefers to watch the video first so companies like Google which call themselves as the second world for the developer has a very thing in there web browser called “Extensions” in other words modifier which helps user to personalize the browser according to his needs, themes, wallpaper, search engines, short cuts, games, apps and Ad blocker. What!! yeah ad blocker the next remedy of Google, Facebook and YouTube and new challenge for both developers and marketers which is effecting the businesses and the people who are linked with these practices.

However this stands on the other side till the time user add this to his browser. The emergence of ad blocker is very new in the market and it is less aware but here in the new thing about these ad block is “they are advertising” on “Internet” to kill the scope of internet advertising.

Its been claimed that ad do carry messages from the site you visit and they do contain spyware or something or the order malware which copies your data and web surfing history which gets analysed by the software and it gets ready till the time you visit the site use the keyword again. Here this software shoots the corresponding ads to your screen and user gets happy to see the deal. One ad is link to another. But the ad blocker at the first time allows ads to come then by locating the web access points like IP address or DNS server which bring the ads to the computer gets filtered and screen reflects clean.

Web page with ad web page without ad


Well it is a new challenge for Marketer and IT professional to find a new way keep the data secure.





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