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“Digital Marketing”

Well, since this is my last blog post of the paper “Digital Marketing” at “Unitec” i want devote this blog to my learning experience and to the lecturer Patrick Dodd. Starting from the insights of digital marketing, for me earlier it was just a small segment where marketers advertise and increase traffic. But lately when i started understanding the various sub segments of the small word “Digital” considering the fact digital is all related to computers and internet.

Understanding the fact the big horizon of marketing i thought “Digital marketing” as small segment of  this arena. But within its self Digital marketing holds various sub segments which divides this into another big arena of its own. Starting with Google AdWords, Blogs, online campaign, banner advertising, marketing e-mails and alot more. Another part of this which is not discussed well but it’s there as a part of Digital marketing and counted as the most important one know as the play ground of Digital marketing is “Web site” and it’s designing.

Web site are the place where Digital marketing takes place and gains eyeballs what exactly a marketer wants for the business. Web site designing is an art with science to send out the message and attract more traffic in other terms web site are the first impression of the business in the market even before the products comes out aka “FIRST IMPRESSION IS THE LAST IMPRESSION” and not to forget “LAST IMPRESSION IS THE LASTING IMPRESSION”.

have a look

how design, creativity, art and computer abilities creates a masterpiece. Web sites are the real medium of Digital marketing and not to forget sites like “Google”, “Facebook”  and YouTube”which are the real drivers of Digital marketing and it’s strategy to get the business in the market.

Well, friends Web site are in our blood stream now internet surfing starts with world’s smallest web site “Google” and leads to various businesses what we want to buy, look into or else explore. This debate about web site, it’s design, origin and uses can last for centuries but concluded as “We really need it” (here we represents as “Marketers”).


Naa!!! this time it’s really me …..

thanks for reading

Umang Kothari


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